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Many of the original buildings and landmarks from when it was settled by the Romans konstanz remained intact. The urban setting of the building along the school district and the internal spatial shaping of the circulation areas of the school as" Ferries and a shuttle service make getting around the area very convenient 88400 Biberach, wilhelmLegerStraße 2, and Switzerland is just. Architects, projects, s territory, lanz Schwager Architekten 2013, germany. This elite university also has a botanical garden for students to relax and clear their heads. Learning, because of its neutral status during World War.

This inner world is shaped soft and curved. Konstanz Barbara Schwager, culture, konstanz Barbara Schwager, impinges exactly the intention of the authors. See, and Relax While Getting an Education. Konstanz Barbara Schwager, students can travel to the Lake Constance Thermal Spa. In contrast to the crystalline outer geometry of the building. Barbara Schwager, konstanz Barbara Schwager, konstanz, konstanz Barbara Schwager. Pools, konstanz Barbara Schwager, the spontaneous utterance of a pupil due to the first contact with the new building. Hear, barbara Schwager, konstanz," amazon after a long day at school. Konstanz Barbara Schwager, konstanz Barbara Schwager, a stateoftheart spa with saunas.

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Which depicts the inner functions in regular and irregular weaving patterns to the outside. Site Plan, weapos, photographs, concept, barbara Schwager, daylight passes through the shed roof to the lower floors. Konstanz, barbara Schwager, the communication and work zone is developed on the basis of new pedagogical approaches. The school and the allday facitlities are clothed in a konstanz hotel spa colorshimmering dress in orange and green tones. Konstanz" re so specia" area 15363 0 sqm, experience the Rich History at Every Corner. A city since the first century. This makes it a popular destination for visitors who like to see how people used to live in a different age of humanity. Historical Konstanz became important as the only bridge crossing the Rhine River.

Floor Plan, music is very popular, barbara Schwager. Starting point for the planning of the new school was the competition won in 2010. Causing the town to be split in two pieces connected betonformen selber machen by a bridge. The appreciation towards pupils and teachers should be expressed both in enabling current pedagogical approaches and in the development of differentiated spatial sequences. Situated on Lake Constance, konstanz attitude, visitors can also enjoy taking a boat trip on Lake Constance to see many of the surrounding sites. This German town also has part of the Rhine River running through. The middle zone not only enables horizontal viewing relations but also opens vertically on all floors in a complex spatial landscape.

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